OER Lebanon is a non-governmental organization devoted to raising awareness and promoting the use of open educational resources (OER) in Lebanon and the region. We raise awareness of the benefits of OER by conducting workshops, participating in conferences, and disseminating information about the open access movement worldwide.


[Our mission] is to ensure that the benefits of open educational resources reach every school and university in Lebanon and to foster equal access to quality education through the adoption of OER.

OER Lebanon was born from a U.S. State Department initiative “ On-Demand Exchange Program Promoting the Development of Open Educational Resources in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).” This program took Lebanese and MENA region experts to the United States to learn about the Open Book Project.

Exposure to the social benefits of OER through this and various U.S. initiatives are the catalyst behind the establishment of OER Lebanon.


All initiatives undertaken by OER Lebanon are guided by the following set of core values and beliefs:

[Equal access] Equal opportunity is one of the main tenets of OER Lebanon, which seeks to expand access to all Lebanese citizens regardless of socio-economic background, religion, age, or gender.

[Ethics] We believe that modeling the principles that we preach—openness, transparency, professionalism, and regard for others—is essential to our mission and vision and thus a core component of our organization’s guiding principles.

[Quality assurance] Not all open sources are created equally, so we are careful to identify and promote open resources that add value and enhance quality to Lebanon’s well-established education secondary and tertiary education sectors.

[Sharing] Like the open access movement itself, we share information with the aim of reaching the largest audience possible.

[Lifelong learning] We believe that learning starts at birth and continues over one’s lifetime.
By expanding the availability of open-access print and electronic sources, including online learning, we can meet our goal of making learning a lifelong endeavor.